Leading 10 States for Medicaid Fraud Recoveries

Medicaid Fraud Control Units was accountable for 1,564 convictions and had $1.8 billion in criminal and civil healings in FY 2016. That’s compared with 1,553 convictions and $744 million in overall healings in FY 2015, inning accordance with a report from HHS’ Office of Inspector General.

Medicaid Fraud Control Units run in 49 states and the District of Columbia, and are generally part of the state chief law officer’s workplace. North Dakota is the only state that does not have an MFCU. In working out oversight for the MFCUs, the OIG evaluates each system’s performance and compliance with federal requirements.

Here are the leading 10 states for Medicaid scams healings, based upon the OIG’s report.

1. New york city– $228.9 million.

2. Florida– $165.5 million.

3. California– $136.2 million.

4. Texas– $128.3 million.

5. Tennessee– $105.8 million.

6. District of Columbia– $91.2 million.

7. Massachusetts– $82.8.

8. Wisconsin– $81 million.

9. North Carolina– $80.4 million.

10. Ohio– $64 million.